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NEW BioFiller & PRF

Dr. Jon is excited to now offer PRF and BioFiller treatments! This incredible addition allows us to create biostimulation and filler alternatives made by YOU for YOU!

A neuromodulator that temporarily smooths fine lines in the face and neck, and can relieve
TMJ-related pain.

Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers
A gel filler that promotes cellular hydration, collagen formation, and rejuvenates lost volume in
the face. Can enhance cheeks. Jawline, chin, lips, under eyes.

PDO Lifting Threads
A resorbable, collagen stimulating “thread” that non-surgically lifts sagging, aging skin.

PDO Smooth Threads
A thin, resorbable, collagen stimulating “thread” that is placed in a grid or fan like pattern to
promote fat reduction, tighten skin, and treat scars.

A permanent fat dissolving agent that can be used to create a slim jawline and reduce double

A dissolving agent for hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

A ND-YAG laser that is gentle with no downtime. This treatment can promote collagen
stimulation to tighten skin, and safely reduce pigmentation problems and Melasma on all skin

Opus Plasma
Our most powerful device for improving skin quality; tightening sagging skin around the face,
eyes, neck, and chest; and acne scar correction.This treatment combines radiofrequency and
plasma energy. Think microneedling on steroids!!

A light based laser that removes pigmentation from sun damage, creating an even skin tone.

Laser Hair Removal
A series of laser treatments that reduces hair permanently on the body and face.

RF Laser Lip Plump
A no-needle approach to subtle lip enhancement through collagen stimulation.

Laser Tattoo Removal
A series of laser treatments that removes pigmentation from tattoos and permanent makeup.

Dermafuse Facial
A medical grade facial that uses a small electrical current to infuse nutrients with up to a 99%
absorption rate. Can customize the treatment for acne clearance, hydration, collagen infusion,
and brightening.

Microdermabrasion Facial
A medical grade facial that gently exfoliates the skin and cleans clogged pores for improved
tone and texture.

And More...

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