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SkinMedica® TNS Lip Plump System

TNS Lip Plump System from SkinMedica enhances your lip texture and condition. The two-piece system gives you everything you need to achieve full, luscious lips in two simple steps.

Appropriate for all skin types, the product can be applied as needed throughout the day. The Lip Renewal® is the first step; this rejuvenating serum contains NouriCel-MD, a proprietary mix of growth factors and plumping spheres that help increase the volume of your lips and smooth surface imperfections. Apply Lip Renewal on your lips and around the lip contour.

The Lip Plumper is the second step; this clear plumping gloss is enriched with niacin to increase blood flow for a soft, enhanced natural color. Apply Lip Plumper to your lip area only. These two products together give your lips a naturally full appearance in a matter of minutes.

SYSTEM INCLUDES: TNS Lip Renewal® (Net Wt. 1.5 g / 0.05 Oz.) and Lip Plumper (Net Wt. 1.5 g / 0.05 Oz.)

SkinMedica® TNS Lip Plump System